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Top definition.

Someone who feels justified in attempting to control aspects of another persons life or manipulate others into treak what the controlling person wants. Some Looking for a control freak change their ways but most do not.

The only way they change is if they face a major loss in their life such as Asian guy looking for nsa tonite divorce, a breakup, or being Lkoking from their job that finally makes them start to question themselves instead of only the people around them.

This ensues telling, demanding, and finally just doing what they wanted all along. These persons are the complete opposite of, and will clash with those who are laid back.

A control freak can have a tendency to become obsessive.

Someone who has a compulsive need to control all Cntrol of his or her own life, such that he or she often views others particularly those closest as attempting to control or impose upon his or her life. A control freak ends up trying to control not only his or her own life, but also that of others.

Controlling his or her own life is the primary goal, while attempting to control other's lives is simply a protective measure and by-product; Often participated by being single and living alone for a long period of time in an urban environment.

He was such a control freak in the kitchen, taking over every single aspect of the meal preparation and scolding me when I attempted to do something without permission.

He obviously has been eating alone for too long.

Person who instinctively needs to manipulate others. Control is the motivation x any scenario. Cunnning; may be disguised as other type of freak, such as a clean freak.

Often speaks highly of chaos. Quickly cleans congrol after you, as if to suggest, 1 You're not clean enough. Will also move your things around in a seemingly banal way.

Alexis got mad when Daniel wanted to date Rachel when he chose to pursue Rachel without her consent. She got even madder when their friend, Chris, sides with Daniel and she launches root-beer cans at them in a fit of rage.

An insecure person with serious issues, who thinks they have to control people all the time. If they are not in controlthey panic and grow angry and aloof.

They have the it's-my-way-or-the-highway philosophy. In love relationships a control freak often tries to control his woman out of insecurity and lack of trust.

My roomate is a control freak and somehow thinks he is my father. He asks me where I'm going, who I'm meeting with, what I'm doing, when I'll be backwhat I'm looking at on the internet, tells me Looking for a control freak to wash fkr dishes and how to load the dishwasherand even questions my spending habits.

His serious control issues are making me want to move out.

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